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I have accepted an invitation working on a long-term photograph/writing project in Beijing, China, from December 1st, 2012 to April, 2013.

In this period, I will come back Seattle for one or two weeks shooting reserved photography session during the Chinese New Year.

Please contact me for any questions or book your next photography session. Especially, for those want to book a wedding documentary session, please contact me as early as possible to make a reservation.







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《文艺风赏》 2012年10月号

[双城故事]盛夏-西雅图{不眠夜}/ 李小婉-布拉格{桥上的人}




《文艺风赏》 是最世文化旗下一本纯粹的严肃文学/文艺志,月销量15-20万,已经干过《收获》,《当代》等老牌文学杂志的总和。


Sdodo Studio@Shanghai

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The most charming camera&coffee shop in Shanghai.

Fang is one of my best friends I met in the photography club at USTC (University of Science and Technology of China). In September of 2008, he and his friends launched the Sdodo Studio in Shanghai, China. Seeing the specialties of film photography and the need for re-discovering old fashions, the studio provides services specially in the field of analogue film photography: selling cameras and films, film development & print. The studio is the exclusive agent of LOMO cameras in east China area and selling/maintaining many kinds of lomographic cameras for clients.

Recent expand makes the studio even more unique: a camera shop serving coffee. Only four coffee drinks are served: espresso, latte, cappuccino, and…milk. The espresso is made from an old-school stainless-steel boiling coffee machine, just like the classic film cameras in the studio, operated totally manually by turning several weird valves. Home-made cookies and desserts are served as well. However, there is no manual for desserts, please expect the surprise from Misu Bakery , respecting Misu’s mood of the day.

Just reminder: the Sdodo Studio is a photography studio offering all kinds of photographic service. If you are interested in the studio, please contact the studio directly or me. I am very proud of being a partner of the Sdodo and a bridge between you and the most interesting studio in Shanghai, China.

Give us a shout for your next project.

Primary services of the Sdodo Studio:

  • Photographing: portait, wedding and others.
  • Cameras: Film SLR, TLR and Rangefinder
  • Film: 135 and 120 in color and B&W
  • Film processing: 135 and 120 in color and B&W, development and print.
  • Classes and tutoring: individual and small group tutoring sessions for cameras and darkroom.
  • Gallery
  • Coffee shop

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